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Daiana Sena was born in Argentina.

She grew up in the little village of Longchamps, South of Buenos Aires.

She studied at the the Universidad Nacional de Bellas Artes (National
University of Fine Arts) in Argentina. She added to her training an internship
at the Colón Theatre of Buenos Aires and a Professional Make-up Artist


After her studies, she has made large-format paintings, stage sets for theatre
and cinema as well as murals (for example in Longchamps train station).


As early as 2011, she took interest in interactive and interdisciplinary
performances, where painting, body-painting, photography and dance merge
into a Live Painting. She also created interdisciplinary groups with dancers
and muscians.

In 2014 Daiana set off to Paris. There, she created a stop-motion film and led
the participative performance CONSTELLATIONS HUMAINES
(Human Constellations) at Pompidou Center.


She also took part in Banlieue Tango Festival with UN BAL TANGO (a Tango Ball),

an interactive live performance where the artist finds the connexion between painting,

dance and music.

In 2016, she settled in Nantes, France where she took a course at L’école des
Beaux-Arts (Fine-Arts School of Nantes). She led a participative workshop
with foreign students. She made a 2x4-meter painting for a permanent
display at the Casternau University Residence, and was commissioned by
Nantes Public Hospital to create a 9 sq.m mural within the staff quarters.